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OH! Mighty Apple!!

January 21, 2010

Well the 27th of january is around the corner and “iheadz” or “appletards” are already speculating about what the mighty apple will deliver. Reading all the blogs and comments on these blogs i must say i’m fascinated, the way apple lovers speak of their favourite brand is amazing. I too love the brand to a certain extent but not like the people in these blogs! One negative comment about any apple product and you’ll be lashed at as if you’re murder suspect. Whats makes “iheadz” so non-accepting of any criticism? Is it obsession with the brand or just purely effective marketing by apple? Whatever it is, its amazing. The 1st iphone had no cut and paste and no mms yet users of the device found ways to justify why apple might’ve left out these basic features. No doubt the device has taken the game to the next level, now i wonder if they’ll ever be a true iphone killer. I don’t hate it, i just want to see a true competitor that will silence iphone fans.